Music Theory, is it necessary?


I studied music starting with Piano at age 7 or younger, Voice at 8, and recorder in 3rd grade in school, then French Horn in Band in 4th grade. Because of this I’d say I had a better than average understanding of how to read music compared to most kids in my classes at the same age. But later I realized there was a lot I didn’t understand or know about music theory.

When I was going into my Senior year of High School, I knew I wanted to study music in college and I had a really great private Horn teacher. She encouraged me to get a music theory book to do on my own so that when I got to college I didn’t have to go into remedial theory so to speak….and she was right to do so. 

I completely understood the reasoning to study music theory as well as my instrument and I was on board…I asked which book? And I was off… 

I spent every day working on my own in a book for an entire year. Much of it was a review of basic Music Theory Concepts.. I understood it well enough, even some of the new information, but it was a lot to go through. I had to really re-read and figure out a lot of information on my own.

What I did not have was a fun way to learn it to make it engaging. 

Today I offer Music Theory Club classes that take the mystery out of it and make it fun, engaging in a club style class with your musical peers. 

Music Theory does not have to be difficult to understand nor does it have to be boring. What it can do is open up a world of understanding and creativity to help you start a whole new musical journey with your instrument or voice.

The best part is there’s no age limit to learning music theory! Young and older alike can be a part of these classes! 

The list of benefits include, learning to create, compose, improvise, site read more easily and so much more.  

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What are your choices?:

  • Brain Booster Class –  monthly reviews for students already playing instruments or singing. Dates/Times TBD

  • The Ultimate Music Theory Weekly Club Classes – 1-hour/week – Free game in PDF for included for online students. Dates/Times TBD

Looking to set up a class for your ensemble or group of friends, or yourself? 

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