Spring Break Music Theory Class


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Spring Break is upon us! Give your Musical Brain a Boost during Break!

Catch up on your Music Theory knowledge with a fun 90-minute online Music Theory camp! By taking the Ultimate Music Theory Brain Booster Camp – We will work on Rhythm and Rests and play music games. Learning Key Signatures. Join the party by building a music community with your musician friends. Bring a friend to sign up with you! Understand what you are singing, playing and performing, and perform with more ease while you learn how to read music with more understanding! 

  • Spring Break first week of April? Come to the April 6th 10AM – 11:30AM PST
  • Spring Break 2nd week of April? Come April 13th 10AM-11:30AM PST

Includes PDF of materials. 

May want to sign up for the UMT App. Contact me for details.

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