10 Reasons Musicians Should Take Private Lessons

Top 10 benefits of private music lessons

Private music lessons for musicians are overlooked and can cost you that next gig.  If you are looking for the benefits of a 1-1 music lesson, let’s take a minute to review all that you gain as a musician when you invest in your craft.

  • When you learn how to play your instrument correctly from the beginning, you develop less bad habits and can make faster progress. Same with singing.
  • Singing and Playing an instrument increases feelings of well-being, improves social skills and self esteem.
  • Many studies show that children and teens that play a musical instrument and study music privately do better in school.
  • It improves literacy and numeracy skills.
  • Reading notes and rhythm is related to reading words in a book, tracking while reading, and mathematics.

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Top 10 benefits of private music lessons

  • Notation in music theory is the same type of thinking required in mathematics.
  • Taking lessons helps children and teens gain confidence because they can progress through something that might start out difficult at first. It allows them to learn about hard work and perseverance.
  • After they see themselves progressing and playing harder pieces over a long period of time they gain confidence through perseverance and again increase their self esteem.
    Studying and playing music uses every part of the brain simultaneously.
  • Studies prove that this helps with brain development in children and teens. It becomes like a full body and brain work out while their brains are still developing.
  • Studies show playing a musical instrument helps relieve stress if done on a regular basis!
    Playing music with others can be enjoyable and help build new and long lasting friendships.
  • Taking lessons can assist you in learning to play well with others sooner.
    Learning to perform in public is transferable to public speaking as they gain skills and proficiency as singers and on their instruments.
    Learning instruments help develop fine motor skills. Moving hands, arms, feet, fingerings for different instruments. Learning how to blow air and make a sound, finger an instrument, hold and sit properly, and so on, requires muscle memory. This is coordinating many things at once.
    Playing music is fun! If you are learning proper technique you will learn to play and sing in the most relaxed way increasing the fun in it!
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